Rappelz players rejoice, you’re getting the newest expansion for Rappelz titled “Epic 9.4: The Expedition”, tomorrow!


WEBZEN announced that the latest expansion for the popular, dark fantasy MMORPG Rappelz, is coming to both European & American servers on September 27th. Before the expansion launches, a short maintenance will make sure that everything’s ready for the new content. So, what is the expansion bringing? Well, players can expect a heap of new challenges that include a new dungeon area, 7 new bosses, the shiny new “blue-eye” weapons set and so on. The new dungeon that is being introduced to the game will add a new are to the world map, The Island of Forgotten Gods. Before you enter this dungeon, you have to acquire a permit, which can either be obtained from a daily quest or you can just buy it from a Black Marketer NPC. You also have 4 new bosses to battle on the island, and they spawn on the island once you collect certain items.


To celebrate the launch of the expansion, the Rappelz team will run events non-stop for 6 weeks, including events like:

  • Pluto’s Trials – Collect Pluto’s Coins and gain exclusive cloaks!
  • Lak Trader event – Defeat Monsters, collect Lak and exchange it for awesome items
  • Buff Crystal event – Explore dungeons to get buffs
  • Login event – Log in every day and get rewards
  • Wcoin item raffle – Collect Wcoin items and participate in a legendary raffle
  •  Golden Week event – Back in-game for a limited time only


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