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The third expansion for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege, “Operation Skull Rain” launched on August 2nd. This new pack includes the standard two new operators, a new map, and “Tactical Realism,” an interesting new game mode.

Capitao and Caveira

The operators hail from Brasil, as members of the BOPE, their police special operations battalion. The first operator, Capitão (attack), is equipped with a tactical crossbow. With two bolts to choose from, Capitão can control rooms with a Molotov-like bolt that coats an area in fire, and obscure enemies’ vision with a precise smoke grenade bolt. The intent behind Capitão is to provide a good sense of map control, forcing enemies to move from cover and provide your team with better angles to take them down. The second operator, Caveira (defense), swaps an ability for a gadget. Her “Silent Step” reduces the sound of her footsteps, making it almost impossible for attackers to hear her coming. If Caveira can down an enemy, she has an opportunity to interrogate them. If she succeeds, the enemy team’s positions are revealed to her and her teammates for a time. Both operators provide large advantages to their respective teams if used right.

Favela is the new map included in Skull Rain, and brings a new level of verticality to Siege. Like Operation Black Ice and Dust Line, the new map will be free to all players. Favela is the most destructible map in the game to date, with thin walls, floors, and ceilings everywhere. This map invites, and almost forces, playstyle changes, since shots could come from everywhere. As such, it really forces players to up their strategy and situational thinking.

The most interesting addition from Skull Rain is the “Tactical Realism” custom game mode. Stripping away the majority of the hud, save for the match timer, compass, and equipment. Kill and injure confirmations are also removed, requiring players to rely even more on effective teamwork and callouts to win.

Skull Rain looks like an exciting and worthwhile follow-up to the two previous expansions to Rainbow Six Siege, and is out now! For more detailed information, visit the Siege homepage.

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