Quantum Break finally arrived on Steam with all of its time manipulation goodness.



People still don’t know that you don’t mess with time machines, and after a catastrophe involving one, time became fractured and it gave two people some powers that allow for time manipulation. You’ll mostly play as Jack Joyce, the protagonist of the game, as you’re trying to fix time before it all goes to hell. On the other hand, you will also briefly play as the antagonist of the game, Paul Serene, where you will have four choices that will directly affect the story and how it unfolds.


The story is interesting and the concepts of time are introduced in it are intriguing, but understandable. The actors really breathed life into their characters, and together with masterful writing, you’ll enjoy the game’s story and how it’s delivered in the same way as a TV show is. The voice acting, the┬ámusic, and the sound effects are all done amazingly, and so are the graphics, which look absolutely stunning, especially when you’re watching the cinematics. Combat is fast-paced and enjoyable, but it’s nothing outstanding.


For the bad parts, the game isn’t really optimized well, so you may encounter some performance issues, but nothing too horrible. The game is definitely one of the better titles this year, so you should definitely check it out!



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