With the goal of being love letter to the likes of Adventures of Lolo, Kickle Cubicle, Paganitzu and Sokoban, PUSH is a game that sets out to challenge and deceive its players. Containing many levels that upon first glance seem relatively simple and easily solved, the game waits for the right moment before the real challenge begins.PUSH

The objective of the game is to collect “pips” from each room in order to progress into the next. Once the doors open, the push blocks become inactive, turning a dark grey and impossible to move around the room. Better make sure you left a path to get back! The game also presents a Sisyphus Mode, named after the working title for the game The Sisyphus Project. In this mode, players who take on the top-down puzzler will need to do so without dying or committing suicide. Do so, and you’ll be starting the game again; its THAT kind of cruel. The official press release eerily states “You will lie awake in bed at night, haunted by the puzzles. They will stand┬áby the foot of your bed, staring at you with their blackened, hollowed eyes whispering one…more…try.”

In less than an hour, the Kickstarter for PUSH’s greenlight was funded, and the game of cunning and wits is expected to be delivered in December 2016.



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