Roam has teamed up with Atari to create GameON, earphones designed specifically to enhance gaming experiences.


GameON’s Unique Specs

The earphones feature “ultra-premium brushed titanium craftsmanship,” though the specs say they’re made of aluminum. They also have ergonomically designed clips to fit onto your ear, instead of just sitting in it like traditional earphones. According to Roam, not only will this make for a much more comfortable fit , but it also eliminates background noise.

Of course, there is a built in microphone that is “impeccably positioned,” so you can be sure that your teammates, or opponents, will be able to hear you. The microphone also allows the earphones to transition from games to phone calls.

Roam GameON earphones

GameON also features an optional bass boost with a 10mm dynamic transducer. They also come in two color options; rose gold or rhodium black. They ship with a carrying case, 3 different size silicone ear tips, and 3 different size Sure-Fit Clips. That should be enough to fit most any ear.

The earphones also have on-board music and call controls, and users can switch between the two different audio modes (Audiophile and Bass Boost) at the cable-split, on the reverse of the Atari logo.¬†According to Roam,¬†GameON earphones have the same or equivalent drivers to Sennheiser earphones, but those “cost more than twice as much.”

Roam GameON earphones

Pre-Order Now

Roam’s GameON earphones are iOS and Android compatible. Pre-orders are available now for 99 plus shipping, though at the time of this article, 177 out of 200 available offers have been claimed. The company is also offering multi-packs, which are not as close to running out.

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