Imagine a Mad Max MMO game. The post-apocalypse setting with those crazy vehicles and even crazier fights would be something amazing. Well, we might be getting something like that with CROSSOUT. Gaijin Entertainment, the studio behind War Thunder, and Targem Games announced that their new team-based vehicle combat MMO, called CROSSOUT, is out on Steam’s Early Access on August 24th.


If you want to join the Closed Beta you can do so by buying the Early Access Pack called ‘Westland Warrior’. It includes the ‘Bloodhound’, a unique armored vehicle that’s equipped with two fricking Sledgehammer shotguns. You also get 2000 in-game coins, an exclusive character portrait, and some sort of special dark-red paint. All this will be available in-game immediately and, when Closed Beta ends, it will be reset and reassigned to the account once Open Beta starts. You can buy the pack here!


So, let’s quickly explain what CROSSOUT really is.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where the land was devastated by an alien invasion and human genetic testing went in the wrong direction. So, as an MMO vehicle combat game, what does it offer exactly? Well, it will allow players to completely customize their vehicles and upgrade them in whatever ways the want to. With your vehicles ready to induce death and chaos, you will participate in hectic and fast open PvP battles. There are thousands of possibilities to design your vehicle, so you can change everything, from the shape, armor, weapons, support systems to cosmetic things, so you can pretty much make your dream Mad Max vehicle come true.


Click here to find out more about the game!


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