One of the most popular cosplay artists of 2016 over in Japan has been working closely in a promotion for road bike company Doppelgänger. Ayato Nikukyu, who rose to fame from her appearance as a model for a range of school uniform-style loungewear for Bibi Lab, has now appeared in an advertisement to promote bike riding among students and young women.

The 21 year-old’s recent appearance promoting the use of road bikes as a form of transport relates to their frequent appearance in both anime and manga, which is working towards its primary goal of spreading its appeal to a wider demographic to get more young women and students using the bikes to get around. With Nikukyu as the poster girl for the campaign, the use of the bikes is likely to increase further within the target audience. More common bikes used in Japan are “mama-chari” bicycles which often feature a front basket, so these sporty-looking bikes may appear out of place at first, but will promote the idea that schoolgirls and younger women can ride road bikes too.

Anime and manga fans alike will be familiar with the use of bicycles as transport in their respective industries, and having Ayato Nikukyu at the helm of this promotion is bound to increase the idea’s popularity among its target demographic.

As for the cosplayer herself, Nikukyu is most commonly known for being photographed wearing a Japanese sailor-style school uniform, making her perfect for the look with short-bobbed hair, youthful looks and outfit theme. For more images of the rising star cosplayer’s participation in the campaign, head over to the Doppelgänger website.



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