We all knew that this would happen sooner or later. The Pokémon Company and Niantic, Inc. announced it today, Pokémon GO surpassed 500 million downloads worldwide since launching this year in July. The game also holds the record on the App Store for being the most downloaded app in its first week of launch, which proves how quickly the game gained its popularity.

Image: forbes
Image: forbes

The Pokémon franchise already had quite a lot of fans behind it, and it all started when the first game launched in Japan 20 years ago. Today you won’t find many people who don’t know who Pikachu is, as that particular Pokemon became an icon that’s known worldwide by kids, teenagers, and even adults.

niantic-vector-logo-400x400[blockquote cite=”John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Inc.”]“The globally loved Pokémon brand paired with Niantic’s platform and game design that encourages exploration, exercise and making real world social connections has inspired millions of people of all ages to go outdoors together[…] We are encouraged by the fast adoption of the game and are pleased to see so many people walk and play every day. Pokémon GO for Apple Watch will be another way people can incorporate the game into their daily lives, even more seamlessly.”[/blockquote]

Pokémon GO quickly became a controversy as it caused many accidents because people became obsessed with catching Pokemon, ignoring their safety altogether and walking in the middle of highways and breaking into people’s houses to catch a rare Pokemon. But that’s the fault of the players, not the game.


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