Last Month at E3 2016 Sony revealed a lot of information on the Playstation VR. Most recently they’ve confirmed that the new system will be coming out in The U.S., The U.K. , and Asia on the same day. Which is confirmed to be October 13th.

This is also the case for many other countries like: Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Malaysia. The price is the same in all of these places which is: SG$599. This converts to around $445 American Dollars which is actually about ten percent more than what American users would pay. The headset is priced at about 349 euros and this price doesn’t actually include the motion controllers and camera that would be necessary for a proper VR (Virtual Reality)  experience. There has been no official price confirmed for players in Asia.

It’s also been confirmed by Sony that the system will have 60 games in total.Although there is no official time frame to which all of these games will be released. 50 of which should be available at launch.  We’ve already heard about things like “Project Bound” and “Rollercoaster Dreams” and I’m sure Sony has many more exciting titles that will be released on this new Console. Playstation VR will be available on October 13th for most players around the world and is an experience that doesn’t seem it should be missed out on.


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