This is huge news! In wake of the PlayStation Plus price hike, it’s good to see that Sony is making a move to regain good favor. Taking its PS3 streaming service, PlayStation Now to PC is probably one of the best ways to do that.

After leaks and rumors alike, Sony finally took to their official blog to announce yesterday, that players would indeed be able to take the likes of inFAMOUS and Asura’s Wrath onto a new long awaited platform for the service.

usbIn conjunction with this, Sony has confirmed a DualShock 4 Wireless USB Adapter. This device will launch in early September and will allow PC users a seamless transition into using their PS4 controllers and all connected features on their machines.

While no official release date for the PlayStation Now service on PC has been given, we can expect to receive that information during Sony’s PlayStation presentation on September 7th.

Between the PlayStation 4 Slim, the price hike of PlayStation Plus, and now this surprising announcement, Sony has certainly managed to take monopoly over the news week. I can only imagine that we’ll be hearing more from them as we near their PlayStation presentation in the next few weeks.



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