When making a game that has a lot of characters, sometimes there’s an imbalance in regards to a characters strength, speed, skills, armor, etc. If this imbalance results in unfair gameplay, the developer will go into the game and patch it to make it fair. This is called “nerfing”. And for Overwatch, that can happen regularly.

It’s not an insult to Blizzard of course, not at all. It’s just that Overwatch has a lot of champions/heroes for gamers to choose from, and thus seeing them all played by actually players and not testers can help reveal who has an unfair advantage, and who needs a boost to be more playable. According to fans who noticed changes on the Blizzard PTR (that’s where they test the changes before going live), D.Va is the newest champion to get some alterations.
Overwatch D.Va

According to WinterWolf 64 on the Overwatch Forum on Battle.net, the main change is to her health. She now has 400 health (instead of originally 200) and 200 armor instead 400 armor. What does this boil down to? Well, this means that she’s actually much easier to kill. This apparently made a lot of gamers happy, as trying to get D.Va’s 400 armor down was quite a challenge.

But…there are just as many players who aren’t happy about this. For them, her high armor was the best part of the character, and thus why she was actually pretty good in matches. With this nerf, many D.Va mains are wondering whether she’ll even survive most matches with this health swap.

What do you think? Do you think this is a fair nerfing? Or did Blizzard go to far in hurting D.Va, and by extension the Overwatch community? Let us know!


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