“Sequelitis” is a term in media that refers to a property having multiple chapters, episodes, movies, titles, etc., but they don’t live up to what the previous entry or entries achieved. For video games, this is a problem as well. As numerous franchises have done well then hit a wall with a title, fans and critics revolt, and the property takes a while to get back on its feet. For one Battle.net user, he wonders why Diablo III seems to suffering this in the eyes of other players.

Player¬†Jeeeeohn just started playing the game, and despite all he’s heard from other players, he actually enjoys it. So, he posted about his feelings and asked other Diablo III players to state what they don’t like about the title¬†if anything at all.

They happily responded, with a variety of critiques as to why the game doesn’t live up to its predecessors. For some, it was simply a question of depth of gameplay.

“In general, people want more depth. The game boils down to using sets, grinding rifts for paragon and gem levels, and little else,” says BobWitchDR.

Diablo III

For others, it was simply that while the game said “Diablo III”, it didn’t feel like the original Diablo titles, and that’s a crime in their eyes.

“Because it doesn’t feel like its predecessors. Only has the name on it. It’s just a cheap ‘plastic’ version while D1 and D2 were diamonds at their time,” said TobiasPeste.

However, some actually rose to defend the game, stating that a lot of the “haters” were those who rushed through the game, and when they found out there was “nothing left to do”, they raged to anyone who would listen. Many others stated that they did indeed love Diablo III despite the naysayers. The general idea seems to be for some, that fundamentally, Diablo III is not bad, but, it does not manage bring the same quality as the earlier titles in the series. Jtcdgroup summed this up well, “As a stand alone game, this game is not bad. But if you add the legacy of D1 and D2 into the mix, it does not live up to the franchise.”

What this boils down to is, whether you like a game or not is based solely on you, and not others. There will always be people who like a game, and those who hate a game, the important thing, is to not let it sway your opinion of the game.


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