A new RPG has emerged, titled Seven Mages. This title is being offered for many platforms, including Android, ios, and Steam. The world is seemingly compact. In fact, mobile appears to be the primary platform. This is intriguing, as RPGs on mobile have become quite the genre in the last year. Seven Mages appears to be capitalizing on that offering turn based combat and dungeon crawling.

When you’re not in combat, the game offers free movement and exploration. The game boasts an emphasis on strategy, as well as a focus on controlling your team in relation to the environment. Seven Mages

This RPG is already available on Android and IOS as of March 15th. With an interesting art style and perspective, and a unique hybrid of varying architectures, Seven Mages does look very unique. There are also many varying types of elements and spells that can be cast by different characters.

Four levels will be free while ten others can be purchased at a dollar apiece, and purchased together for seven dollars. With a going rate like that this interesting RPG with very strong visuals for being a mobile title, is a sure-fire grab for fans of the more traditional side of the genre.

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