maxresdefaultEver since March we are eagerly waiting for this to become reality. For those who do not know, in March, there was an announcement from SEGA that PSO2 will be collaborating with Final Fantasy XIV. Since then, a couple of months have passed, and finally they are almost here.

From what we’ve found out, the update in July will bring many different costumes and weapons from the already mentioned FFXIV. You can see everything in the teaser below,which involves an Odin boss fight.


Some of the costumes, accessories, and weapons can be spotted in this new footage which you can check out here. But we’ve managed to get our hands on a short list of some changes.

Monk: Temple Set / Sphairai Zenith
White Mage: Healer’s Set / Thyrus Zenith
Black Mage: Wizard’s Set / Stardust Rod Zenith
Dark Knight: Chaos Set / Deathbringer Awoken

We are definitely fired up and ready for this update and we can’t wait to have all this live.


Share with us our excitement and tell us what do you think in the comment section!

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