May 30th marks the celebration of the brave men and women who have given, and continue to give, their lives to serve the greater good. Such devotion draws a level of respect that transcends boundaries, and the gaming community is quite ready to show its appreciation the best way they know how.

On Memorial Day, denizens of Perfect World International will be invited to take a quest to assist Veteran Hadid. This daily quest will require players to help the old war veteran collect materials to make wreaths for the honored fallen of Perfect World.


Martyr Emblems are rewards from this quest that can be collected to trade in for a fashion set, one for reach corresponding gender.

However, the real reward goes beyond the computer screen and can help real people. PWI has issued a challenge to its players: if a certain number of players complete the quest, money will be donated to the USO.


The United Service Organizations exist to care for those in uniform, and the challenge issued per server can rack up to $2,000! Aside from the quest completion challenge, a login event will also be held to raise even more money. The check will be delivered straight to the USO office in San Fransisco.

If you are interested in helping the cause, you can view more information at their page here.



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