Streamers all around the world make money by playing games and having people watch them. With Streamline, the interaction between the streamer and the watchers is amazing!


So, what kind of game is Streamline exactly? Stream First is the name of the genre, and Streamline is the first game in this newly formed genre of games and it’s a fast-paced game of tag in third-person. It’s not your typical game of tag, as the first mode of the game, Elimination, puts players on the map and makes them free-run to gather points. The Hunter need to tracks down the Runners and remove them from play¬†while streaming everything to the Viewers. Viewers can bet on the best Runer, change the rules of the game in real-time, or play a Bingo mini-game. You can help both the Runners and the Hunter, depending on who you want to win.


This new genre of games that take stream interactivity to the next level seem very interesting, but are they interesting to players who don’t stream or only have a small amount of viewers? The game isn’t too interesting when you’re playing by yourself, as you can only get the full potential of the game if there are loads of viewers and as many players as you can get.


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