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Balancing and tweaking games is almost a never ending process. No game is perfect when it releases, not even the simplest of titles. Sometimes, developers just miss something, and sometimes, fans point out what needs to be done. The Path of Exile team have taken this to heart, and have done another pass of what they call “client performance improvements.”

This was done by the programmers of Path of Exile in an attempt to make the game better for all who play it. The plan at present, is to release these improvements in a minor update called 2.5.2. And they revealed details about what these improvements are.

As with most games, a lot of the pressure that the game is under when playing the title is rendering out each individual frame to play out actions all over the world. This is a key part of the animation process in fact. Under the power of DirectX 9, it’s not possible to spread this work out over multiple threads that run on different CPU cores. However, because of DirectX 11 renderer the team now has the power to multi-thread the renderer code itself. So while previous updates had to be simplified, the 2.5.2 release next week will multi-thread the rendering, and hopefully deliver a more smooth experience.

“This is a major step forward and we hope to continue to deliver more improvements in the future…”

It’s their hope that with these improvements, players will be able to have a better experience regardless of how powerful their PC is, as the DirectX 11 allows for smoother performance even with key graphics elements toned down.

But, as in all things, the proof will be in the pudding when the update comes out next week.


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