Path of Exile surprised their players by publishing an announcement over on their forum announcing a helmet microtransaction sale as well as giving players the opportunity to earn themselves a free classic mystery box.

The Path of Exile team decided to give out various discounts to their players, ranging up to 65% off for each and every helmet piece there is, excluding the helmets from armor sets. 35 different looks are waiting for a buyer such as yourself. Some of those helmets go for as few as 15 points. The sale is going to be up until May 23rd.

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Another reason for players to be excited is the free classic mystery boxes that can simply be earned by just spending points. Due to this, you will be able to get a free mystery box if you decide to purchase a helmet on discount, which is certainly going to save you a lot of money. Sadly, only one free mystery box is available for this promotion so don’t go off spending the rest of your money on things in order to get a mystery box. If you got the previous free mystery box from the last promotion, you’re still eligible to get a free one in this promotion.

path of exile

A new hat was introduced during the Legacy League and it’s called the Legacy Brimmed Hat. The Legacy Brimmed Hats are only available during the league so after it ends the hat will make you stand out as a player that contributed to the history of Path of Exile. There’s a showcase of the Legacy Hat over at the Path of Exile YouTube channel.  If you want to check the info out for yourself, be sure to go over to the Path of Exile forums for the official announcement.



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