Path Of Exile

As good, and as huge, as MMORPGs can be, that’s nothing compared to the fans that help make up the worlds. After all, if the games aren’t inhabited by a lot of players, the games will fail, and thus be shut down. Path of Exile has a very loyal fanbase, and so the developers decided to offer something special to them, a talent competition.

Quite simply, they’re asking you the fan that if you have a talent, any talent, and can apply that talent to Path of Exile? Do it, then show it off to them. You can do anything from fan art, to videos, to music and fan fiction, to cosplay, to baking, to crafts, to gifs, to screenshots, to comics, to character builds or building, or even interpretive dance, because why not, right?

Yes, it is that simple, and the best part? Even though there have been a LOT of entries so far, you still have a week to enter. This talent competition will end on January 16th, which is literally one week from today, so whether you’re just finding out about this, or you’re working hard on getting your entry ready, now is the time to put the nose to the grindstone to get it done!

There have already been numerous entries by dedicated fans, including the feature image for this post, and the video above. But the team at Path of Exile also showed off hand crafted models, art of various styles and textures, and more! No interpretive dances yet, but there’s still time!

So, if you’re a Path of Exile fan, and you got some creative talent you want to show off. Do it!


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