This content update marks an important threshold for Path of Exile. It is the start of a Standard and Hardcore version for the Prophecy Challenge Leauge. For those who are not up to date with the Prophecy League, these leagues give players a chance to start fresh and to show their skills in the game.

New NPC: Navali, Karui Soothsayer

Navali can be found in every town, as you progress in the Wraeclast, through the  Prophecy leagues. For a sufficient amount of silver coins, she will tell you your future and point you in the right direction.

New quests: Prophecies

If you want to get a vision of the future you must give Silver coin to Navali. To earn Silver coins you need to loot it off the monsters you slay. Approximately, one monster per area carries these Silver coin so prepare for a bit of grinding. The prophecies will reward you with significant items and benefits so it’s definitely worth your time.

Some prophecies are connected with each other, making a Prophecy chain. The ultimate result in chain Prophecies it that the reward will be bigger and better.

New skills:

Spirit Offering – New Necromancer skill that will provide additional offensive and defensive attributes to the summoner’s minion.

Ancestral Warchief – A new weapon totem that provides its owner with more damage.

Lacerate – A melee skill that creates two slashes, each slash creates a wave of force and additionally, they do extra damage when these two slashes collide.


For more in-depth details about the new content visit the official site.

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