Path of Exile is a hugely popular Free2Play ARPG, and it’s the Diablo 3 that should have been, at least for most people. It gets huge updates for free every now and then, and the Atlas of Worlds is the next one!


The main focus of this update is the expansion of the end game, or to be precise, you’ll be exploring the Atlas, and along the way, you will gain the ability to upgrade maps and add mods to the Atlas itself. A whole bunch of new bosses are also coming for you to slay, 19 of them to be precise, with 4 of them being “Guardians of the Void”, and after defeating them, you face the Shaper himself. So how many maps are coming for us to explore? 30 of them, so you can expect a lot more quality maps for loot runs. As with every update, this one brings exciting new Uniques for us to collect and make new builds with!


New leagues are also coming, but that isn’t as important as the upgrade to the game’s engine. So the developers multi-threaded the game’s engine to take full advantage of modern CPUs. This will double the framerate in hectic combat situations where you fight a whole lot of monsters and the screen is cluttered with spell effects and animations.

In the end, we can’t wait for another amazing expansion for an already great game, so get aboard the hype train!


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