Epic Games just released the .34 update for its widely popular MOBA title, Paragon. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing changes that this patch brings about.

DeathCam. That’s right, we are finally given the ability to see how we were actually killed. This is a feature that is available in a ton of similar games, and not only does it help you understand why your opponent was better but you can also use it to spot those cheating baddies. The DeathCam feature in Paragon can be switched off, but I don’t really see any reason why you’d want to.


The .34 update also brings some nifty updates to in-game skins and adds the Grux Pelt Khaimera Tier 2 skin, along with the winter themed Arctic Frost Dekker.

Newbies are also favored by the .34 update, namely by the Warning Ring feature that will help players in assaulting the Tower. Along with this, a new map has also been implemented, that goes by the name Monolith.


“Welcome to our V.34 Release, in this update we’re introducing DeathCam, new skins, Doomsday Steel gets an FX update and additional onboarding for newer players.”

A further list of Paragon updates include:

  • paragon%2fblog%2fv34-release-notes%2fkhaimera_gruxpelt-1920x1080-72ebf87e9f80e8d88c71cd84255fe8ad988c0630Jungle Bots now have improved AI
  • Heroes now have one base deck
  • Tweaked Death FX
  • Replays now show the draft lobby
  • Renamed “Maximized Window” to “Windowed Fullscreen”

With the patch notes, came an actual introduction trailer to the update which you can watch below.

Paragon is clearly a great MOBA that is enjoyed by a significant player base and the game still has a lot of room for improvement. Updates such as the .34 patch bring the game closer to its final epic form. You can check out the full list of changes in the official post by Epic Games.

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