Paragon is a third-person MOBA title that puts players in control of a vast array of heroes as they battle for supremacy. The twist is that between the up close and personal battle style, and the use the cards to wield your abilities in the fight, it’s a very different kind of MOBA. Which isn’t surprising given the game is made by Epic Games.

Regardless, part of the fun with this MOBA, which is free-to-play so you can try it out for yourself and see if you like it, is that the Epic Games team releases a new hero for the title about every three weeks.To the team, this offers them the chance to give players something fresh and new without having to make them wait a long period of time to get it.

In the spirit of fun, the team has revealed some info on two future heroes that’ll be coming via this initiative, Morigesh and Revenant.

Revenant Paragon

For Morigesh, she is a character who is obsessed with destroying The Fey. In fact, she was actually a spirit within the The Bathuu, desperately wanting to destroy her enemy in The Fey. Then, a woman accidentally got lost in her forest, so, she stole her body, and used it to find a portal into Agora, where The Fey lived.

But many Paragon fans might be more interested in Revenant. Although we don’t get his backstory, as they’re saving that for next month, we do know that he will be the first ranged marauder in a year for the title. That’s a long time as the devs note, and they’re working hard to ensure that his style plays perfectly into the ranged format.

Are you excited for these new characters? Let us know in the comments below.


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