Having recently revealed Crunch, the new hero coming to Paragon, Epic Games have now released notes regarding the game, including a new card pack and bug fixes.

With the Epic Games team working round the clock towards the new map known as Monolith, with the planned map set to replace the current Legacy map as the forefront of the game’s PvP experience scheduled of release on December 6th, the notes are short and sweet.

The bug fixes from the notes are as follows:

  • Fix for lighting issues in tutorial map.
  • Fix for bots ignoring enemy minion waves when pushing down a lane.
  • Fixed some of the stats from the Deck Builder Suggestions.

As for the weekly card pack, this week’s includes a “fantastic utility item” with the Satori Cloak, which is a handy item when trying to whittle down your enemies. Melee fighters in particular could use this to their advantage to drop the armour of enemy teams. The Amp Crystal card will also provide players with energy damage, mana and even additional mana when its maxed out. Finally, the Mending Bloom provides massive health regeneration to surrounding allies, so will come in very handy if you’re fighting a losing battle.

The full details on the release notes can be found here.



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