Paradox Interactive, the Stockholm-based publishing studio behind Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, and Europa Universalis, have announced a partnership with developer Introversion Software. Paradox is set to publish Prison Architect Mobile, after Introversion’s successful and award-winning PC and console management game.

Prison Architect Mobile

The new port already has a dedicated Facebook page, which is sure to fill with updates as the game moves toward release on mobile platforms. According to the press release from Paradox, Kim Nordström, SVP of Innovation at Paradox Interactive, believes that Prison Architect is completely in line with what is “authentically Paradox.” This involves strategic, quality games that offer players both challenges and a high level of replayability.

Prison Architect Mobile

Starting today, Prison Architect Mobile will actually be available to a limited number of testers in the Netherlands via iOS and Android. Interested fans of the game need only to visit the App Store or the Google Play Store and download the game. Paradox and Introversion hope that providing the game to a few early testers will mirror the experience that Introversion had in bringing the game to Steam Early Access. The feedback they gained from players in that early stage proved beneficial to the final product, and they hope to do the same with the mobile version.

Prison Architect was originally released on October 6, 2015, via Steam. The title has gone on to sell over two million copies across PC and consoles, and also won a BAFTA award in the “Persistent Game” category. Prison Architect Mobile will be free-to-play and download, with additional content and game modes available for purchase. While no firm release date has been set as of yet, Paradox expects the mobile version of the game to be available later this year.

Prison Architect Mobile

According to Mark Morris, co-founder at Introversion Software, the team has been developing and supporting Prison Architect since 2012. No doubt they were cautious about who they would let handle such a long-standing project, and Paradox Interactive seems up to the task.


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