Judging from the title of this article, you probably expected a pretty weird game, and, Owlboy is certainly weird.


Owlboy calls itself a “hi-bit” adventure game, and even though the definition of “hi-bit” is still unclear to me, it looks like quite an interesting game. The striking visuals of the game aren’t the only thing that will keep your eyes glued to your screen, as platforming isn’t as in other platformer games, as in Owlboyyou get to fly! You won’t find many enemy variety in the game, which is quite sad, but the character design and the whole environments in the game are so beautifully done that you won’t even notice the lack of enemy variety.


The protagonist of the game is actually interesting, and the soundtrack is quite brilliant, as it emphasises the whole theme of Owlboy amazingly. Surprisingly enough, other characters you meet are all also quite interesting, and the whole story of the game develops pretty nicely in the end.


Between the mesmerizing pixel art, a¬†charming protagonist, intriguing side characters, masterful soundtrack and some pretty interesting platforming levels, Owlboy definitely delivers a fresh, fun experience! Definitely a platformer that you need to pick up if this is your kind of game, and even if you aren’t, buy it just to stare at this godly pixel art!




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