Day 2 of the Overwatch Winter Premiere in San Antonio has come to a close, with each team now having completed two contests. Renegades, the relatively unknown team from Detroit, continues their surprising domination of their opponents.

Overwatch Winter Premiere Day 2

Things are starting to solidify on the scoreboard after day 2 at the Overwatch Winter Premiere. At the bottom, and at risk of elimination, are Team Liquid and Citizen7, who have finished both of their bouts so far on the losing side. They will have to take a win soon, or risk falling irreparably behind in the standings. However, doing that won’t be easy. Team Liquid is slated to go up against FaZe Clan later today, while Citizen7 will have to deal with Immortals, who currently hold the second spot on the leader board.


Meanwhile, Renegades, who were relatively unknown before this tournament started, continue their total domination at the Overwatch Winter Premiere. Day 1 saw them defeat FaZe Clan 2-0, and they repeated the same clean sweep against Citizen7 on Day 2.

Immortals are hot on their trail, also with 2 overall wins. But that team, owned jointly by the Memphis Grizzlies and the band Linkin Park, have given up one match in each of their contests so far, with Team Liquid on Day 1, and Luminosity Gaming on Day 2.

Upcoming Day 3

The matches will continue later on today, now with 5 bo3 matches each day. That means one team each day will have two games to play, and Day 3 puts Renegades in that hot seat. Will either CompLexity or Luminosity be able to stop their undefeated streak?

Nothing will be set in stone yet, and the Overwatch Winter Premiere is still anybody’s game. Catch the action live via Twitch, as the 8 teams compete for the lion’s share of a $100,000 prize pool, and the glory of first place. Follow the official twitter of the tournament for updates and highlights.

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