A new hero has finally been revealed! We talked about it earlier and we pointed out or theories and assumptions, but now we have the real deal.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcCGKrYgr0k[/embedyt]


Finally, after weeks of speculating Overwatch revealed new hero called Ana. Yes, we know, everything pointed out towards Sombra, healing sniper, but we were wrong. Now that we take a closer look at this new hero, we might think that only thing we missed in our theories was the name because it seems that we did get a sniper with a bunch of supporting capabilities.

From what we’ve seen, she is all about helping her team win the game. The bullets she fires can be used to heal her teammates, and she brings crowd control to a completely different level. Her E is a grenade that can heal Ana and every teammate in radius, but additionally, all healing from other sources will be amped up. On the other hand, enemies that got struck by the same grenade won’t be able to heal for a short period of time.

Her shift is definitely something that everyone should fear. The Sleeping Dart ability will take any enemy to the dream world for 6 seconds. This is surely the ultimate definition of overpowered.

Additionally, her ultimate ability looks really nice. With it, she can make any teammate almost unkillable, the Nano Boost will help you and your teammates to change the course of the match and secure you the win.


Ana looks great and we can’t wait to try her out in-game. Our only concern is that she will be quite squishy just like Widowmaker, making her more team dependant when taking objectives. She is a sniper after all so her place on the map is some high ground with clear vision. Overwatch-Ana-Shot-07

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