There was a great deal of talk on Reddit and official Overwatch forums that many Playstation 4 players have some problems with the game. These problems resulted in players losing their progress in the game. To be more precise, they were losing levels and game items. Even the ones that were bought with real money were deleted.


Not long after that, Blizzard and Overwatch team stated that the problem was resolved and called out everyone with issues to contact them and they will be more than happy to return everything that was lost in the process.

Everyone thought that this was a done deal and continued to play the game as usual. But! It seems that the problem isn’t solved. There are still a ton of reports all over the internet about this and the game is getting unplayable for anyone on PS4.


All that effort, and not to mention money thrown away. And why? Because a company like Blizzard can’t fix this problem. Imagine if this was on the larger scale. Imagine if this problem happens on all other platforms.

Let’s not call it bad luck, but we hope this will be fixed soon. There is a lot at stake here and we hope people won’t turn away from this game.

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