Part of the fun of video games is that when you connect with a character on a certain level, you start to ask yourself things that make you more of a game designer than a player. For example, in Overwatch, one Reddit user is asking why fan-favorite character Lucio doesn’t have skins that actually change the music around him. Not just like a song change, but a style change, where it can go to either classical or heavy metal. That kind of thing.

“Just imagine a heavy metal lucio or Beethoven lucio!” said user goeffus.

It actually wouldn’t be that far of a stretch, as Lucio is Overwatch’s resident music guy, to the extent that his backstory literally has him using music to save his neighborhood and his nation, and it skyrocketed him to a pretty big music character. So it would be interesting to see the skins he wears reflecting different kinds of music. In theory, it honestly wouldn’t be that big of a programming challenge for Blizzard to do.

To be fair, some Redditors were on board with this, but understood why Blizzard hasn’t done it yet. “Probably because sound cues are a big part of the game. If skins start introducing different sounds it will make it more difficult to accurately discern what’s going on.” user Omniction noted.

Lucio Overwatch

He’s not wrong, for one character to affect the whole of the match like that, even in a subtle way like music, could be bad. Not in the “this is wrong!” way, but rather, “Ugh, this song again?” kind of way. Skin changes like this should be fair to all players.

That being said, other Overwatch players were not only all for this, but they offered suggestions on how to make it fair. They had ideas such as an option that’ll let players choose whether they’d want to listen to the special Lucio song, or just go with the regular music and effects.

What do you think? Should Lucio be able to share his love of music in new ways? Let us know in the comments below.



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