The beauty of games like Overwatch, is that there are so many characters, or champions, to play as, that you can find one to fit your personal gameplay style. Like being an up-close and personal brawler? There’s one for that. Like hit-and-run attacks? Tracer is for you. The best part though, is that new champions that get put into the game can further push you into new gameplay styles.

One of the newest additions to Overwatch is Sombra, who was long teased, but only recently put in. As such, some players haven’t tested her out. But, some have, and have made their thoughts about her known. Some are positive, while others are very negative.

For some, Sombra is a good champion, and can match up against some of the better flankers in the game like Tracer and Genji. However, she does have some key flaws. Mainly, some of her attacks make her weaker compared to some of the other champions. Also, her speed is a little lacking, and could easily use an improvement or two.

“She does need work, and I’m sure they will get to her in time.” – Banicks

For other players though, she’s more of a liability than an asset in the field. Sure, she can heal people, but she can’t kill them according to most. Also though, even though Sombra can do stealth, when she “reappears” she basically announces her arrival, which is a BIG turn off for gamers. After all, why should you play as someone who can’t be stealthy…when they’re trying to be stealthy?

What are your thoughts on Sombra? Is she a worthy character in Overwatch? Or, is she a character in desperate need of adjusting? Let us know!


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