Overwatch players express their concern with the release date of the newest character, Sombra.


Revealed at BlizzCon 2016, Sombra is the newest addition to the quirky and colorful cast of Overwatch, and she’s causing a stir among players, specifically those who play on PS4 and XBox One. The reason behind this is that Blizzard introduced a feature called Public Test Region (PTR for short) that allows players to try out new content as an early access of sorts, the catch being that this treat is only available on PC. So in short, Sombra is available at an early state, but only to those who bought and are able to run Overwatch on their computers. That led to console players asking in the forums for an earlier release.

User Shabazza points out “No wonder all those threads are coming from console players. I’m not even upset about that. Just sayin’.” To which Jaminah replies “yeah because we’re unable to try out the new hero.” It’s important to be sensitive about this, because as pointed out later by user Drifter, “We console players, who cannot afford a high-end PC, have waited long enough.” The war between console and PC players is no news, with console users being proud of their acquisition whilst those who own computers capable of running the latest releases are constantly upgrading their rigs. Some people can manage a computer and several consoles at once, but others have to make the choice between one or the other, as gaming is a very expensive hobby.

Blizzard has not officially confirmed a release date for Sombra, but rumors point out to this early release console players have been asking for, as mentioned by user BaByDoLL in reference to the latest patch: “This settles everything, it’s going live Tuesday. They wouldn’t release the background data if it wasn’t going live Tuesday, so get hyped PC players!!!”

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer FPS in the likes of Team Fortress 2. As expected from a title developed by the iconic Blizzard, it received critical acclaim and continues to be one of the most important games of 2016. It is available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.



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