Overwatch hero Sombra has never really been far from scrutiny from certain fans of the massively popular Blizzard shooter. Regardless of how said fans came to such conclusions of how ineffective the offense character is, one Battle.net userĀ is here to outline a few changes Blizzard could implement to make her a cut above the rest.

User KingKai suggests firstly that a few bugs need to be addressed, namely the ghost throw translocator bug, as well as the issue of the camera spinning 180 degrees whenever Sombra teleports. Furthermore, a bug that seems to be present that sees damage taken after translocating could also be addressed, as well as increasing the speed animation to prevent more deaths whilst using the teleportation feature.

Other changes that could be made to help boost her gameplay ability could be halving the time that it takes to enter stealth mode, whilst keeping the exit time the same. Finally, on the subject of stealth, if the cooldown could potentially be reduced by one second, making it more in line with the translocator cooldown time.

We’d like to thank KingKai for putting forward these suggestions, and as someone who has put in over 100 hours as the character so far is surely entitled to put forward some helpful ideas. The ghost throw issue in particular appears to grind a few gears among Sombra players, so hopefully this is something developers could look into in the future.

Do you think Blizzard should make these changes to Sombra? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. I like the idea of halving the teleport time and lowring vooldown by 1. Would def make her more viable especially keeping overtime going im a capture point situation.


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