overwatch_logo_wallpaper__1_light_by_plank_69-d9vgk8jToday we have a chance to talk about Blizzards effectiveness and dedication towards keeping their game, Overwatch, safe from cheating. Recent events that happened in Korea left us with split emotions. In one hand we are happy to see Blizzard care for their players and on the other hand, we are sad to see people act like this.

Overwatch recently took the first place in Korea as the most played video game. The game took down Leauge of Legends, which was at the top for a very long time. As we all know, Korea has the biggest gaming community and also one of the best players in the world.

Unfortunately, there is also a problem in the same community. This problem revolves around pride and conceit of many well-known pro-players and puts some unknown players and teams at a disadvantage.

This story that we are about to tell is the living proof of that.

Gegury, a 17-year-old female player is one of the best players of Overwatch. Her KDA (6.31) and win-rate of 80% sounds like a fairytale, especially when that’s all earned after 420 played games. As you can see, this already sounds a bit unreal. Right? Well if you think that something’s off with these results you share the same opinion as some “powerhouses” Gegury’s team took down with ease. Unfortunately, the poor girl was accused of cheating by the same “powerhouses” and underwent detailed investigation from Blizzard.

But, Blizzard came out with a result that shocked everyone. Gegury wasn’t cheating or using any assisting software to play Overwatch. She is a talented, young player, that happens to be a girl and she poked the pride of many pro-players. She admitted that this was a rough time for her and that she was under big pressure because of it, but it eventually all ended well for her.

We congratulate her for everything she did in Overwatch, and we hope she will stay the best.

If you are interested to see how she plays, you can in the video below.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaXsmG4g3Xk[/embedyt]



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