Between, consoles, handhelds, and PC games, there’s a lot of ways to play, but the way you play in a game determines how well you do. To that end, many video game developers offer many ways to play within a titleĀ and even offer custom options so that you can get the best out of your experience. For certain Overwatch players, that’s a problem.

There’s two different versions of Overwatch, console and PC, and on the console versions, you have the option to input a keyboard and mouse to control your characters like it was a PC game. This is a nice idea when you talk about range of control. However, several players are crying foul. In their eyes, using a mouse and keyboard gives those players a distinct advantage over the others because it’s a lot easier to aim with a mouse than it is to do with a joystick.

“I bought the Xbox is because I like to play with a controller, now I will have to buy a 300$ converter + mouse and keyboard just to be competitive?” said user Headbullet.

Many other players joined in on this sentiment, ironically, even those who don’t play on console acknowledge the clear difference between the control options:

“I don’t play on console but having M+K offers a very, VERY clear advantage of control over controller users,” said player Cypher.

Not everyone agrees with this idea to ban this control scheme, mainly because Blizzard offers the option, so that means its the players choice to pick whether they use mouse and keyboard, or use the standard controller. To take away that option is, in their eyes, a violation of the design choice they made.

So, where do you stand on this? Should the console version not allow mouse and keyboard support? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Sure let them play, but stick them in a lobby with eachother or something. Or, let users choose whether or not they want to play with M&KB users.

  2. Pretty Sure Blizzard doesn’t like the fact that the ps4 can use the mouse and keyboard. I heard they were trying to work with sony to get the ability taken out of their game because it offers a complete advantage against individuals who use the regular gamepads.


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