Skyforge players, today we will talk about Pantheons and how they recently changed!pnt1

Both commanders and regular players will have an easier time joining a Pantheon, as it will give you a way to boost your character, depending on the size of the Pantheon’s rank. If a Pantheon is among the top ranks, it will add 10% to both damage and health points to every member, so try to aim for the highest ranking¬†Pantheon possible! Don’t worry, these indicators won’t impact prestige, so you won’t drop if you leave the Pantheon.


Finding people for group activities while also boosting your character is what the update Pantheon aims to do. That’s why the numbers of Pantheon chats got cut and they even revamped the interface to make it easier to get in contact with other people. No more managing the Pantheon Stronghold, only the rank matters.As your rank increase so does the Pantheons capacity, access to the academy, and you can then participate in Pantheon tournament. You even get the option to make your own coat-of-arms to increase¬†your stat bonuses.

There’s a lot more info concerning the updated Pantheon, but if you want to read more about that, click here!


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