Otherland, that online RPG that’s based on the famous novels by Tad Williams, finally announced their free2play launch.


The game also got updated with the free2play launch, getting a new game entry and also a redesigned class testing area, so if you’re looking to test out some of your abilities, that’s the place to go. Some fundamental performance improvements were made to the game as well, along with the optimization of some NPCs and quests to improve the experience and immersion of the game. The updates that the game will get in the future will be made in close cooperation with the game’s community, which is something that more developers should do. The following major content update will bring an overworked combat system alongside some improvements to enemy AI, which should make the gameplay a tad more exciting. Expect a large expansion somewhere around Christmas, and it’s bringing a level cap raise, some new quests and a brand-new world for you to explore.


Otherland is an action MMORPG inspired by Tad Williams’s famous novels of the same name. Otherland gives players the unique experience of exploring a multitude of various different virtual worlds like the futuristic Lambda Mall, the medieval 8Squared, or the Asia-inspired 5Isles.



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