Another week, another Thursday, and that can only mean one thing: the weekly update to Old School Runescape is here! The biggest news for this update is the elder maul and elder wand beta, and the addition of bloodier keys to Last Man Standing.

Raids are just around the corner, and with them comes unique bosses, and, of course, rewards! Two of the possible rewards from raids are the elder maul and elder wand. Both are level 75 weapons. To ensure they are properly balanced, Jagex has changed World 321 to a beta/tournament world. On World 321, players will get an opportunity to test out both the elder maul and elder wand.

OSRS - Elder Maul and Wand

Both weapons are only prototypes, meaning they are subject to change, and are represented by placeholder graphics. A list of spawnable monsters weak to crush attacks will also be added for players to test the elder maul against them.

OSRS - Crush Bosses

It’s important to note that progress made on World 321 will not affect your actual account in any way.

Ever since the release of Last Man Standing, Jagex has been continuously updating the mini-game to fix some of its many flaws. In this update, a new item, bloodier keys, are added to the mini-game. Killing another player when there are only five or less players remaining will earn you a bloodier key.

OSRS - Bloodier Key

Similar to bloody keys, they restore both run energy and health points when used. Additionally, using a bloodier key will slightly replenish prayer points and special attack energy. Bloodier keys also guarantee that food items are found, with an increased chance at receiving a top tier special attack weapon. The introduction of bloodier keys adds extra incentive to engage in combat instead of hiding.

For a complete run-down of this update including quality of life changes to Barbarian Assault and Ring of Wealth changes, be sure to read the official news post by Jagex.

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