An official announcement from the developers of Landmark, a sandbox PC title where players will build and explore massive worlds, has revealed that the game will launch on Friday, June 10th. With this news comes a final price of 9.99 USD. As of now, PC is the only confirmed platform for Landmark.

The closed beta of Landmark has offered “Founder’s Packs” which give unrestricted access and perks. The Settler Landmark Image 2Pack offers the least amount of perks and is available for 19.99 USD. This pack comes with a secondary tool to start the game with, as well as an item and title. The Explorer Pack includes all items from the Settler Pack, as well as some cosmetic options, and upgrades to inventory. This pack is available at 59.99 Finally, there’s the combination of the two, called the Trailblazer Pack which can be purchased for 99.99. This bundle comes with even more perks, from cosmetics to upgrades, to your name in the Landmark credits.

Landmark Image 3

With the launch on the horizon, the packs will no longer be available as of Monday, June 6th. So if you want yours and have yet to pick it up, now is the ideal time to do so.  The packs can be found here. Trailblazers have a two-day head start to make their mark in the game, meaning the game becomes available for those purchasers on June 8th.

With the launch of Landmark on the horizon, players with an interest in sandbox titles might want to consider giving this game a try.


Source: Daybreak Forums


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