One Piece

A mobile MMORPG based on the internationally popular anime One Piece is set to be released in Korea. Entitled One Piece Thousand Storm, the game underwent pre-registration from Bandai Namco Entertainment representative Satoshi Osashita ahead of the official launch.

One Piece Thousand Storm presents a mobile MMORPG based on long-running anime series, which has seen over six million downloads since its launch in Japan back in April 2016. The game itself features a separate story from One Piece Treasure Cruise, which was also released last year by Bandai Namco Entertainment. As of this time, it is currently in global service with a Taiwanese and English version.

Whilst One Piece Treasure Cruise was more sided with battle RPG elements, One Piece Thousand Storm focuses more on real-time multiplayer gameplay, with players being able to experience it with up to three friends. The game stars familiar characters from the franchise including Luffy, Zoro, Nami and more. Each boast plentiful personality, with high-quality 3D visuals to bring an authentic One Piece experience to the mobile platform.

Once the amount of pre-registrants has surpassed 50,000, Bandai Namco Entertainment will offer five coins of reinforcement material and rainbow coinage to those who have done so. Other potential rewards include character medals, as well as figures including ‘Red Hair Shanks’, ‘Rupee’, and ‘Zoro’.

Following its success in Japan, its loyalty to the One Piece brand and its exciting features, there’s no reason to suggest that One Piece Thousand Storm won’t be a hit in Korea, with the exciting prospect of a mobile MMORPG based on such a well-known anime.


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