Star Wars: The Old Republic, a game themed after the world’s most famous space opera, is receiving some updates to its many Jedi and Sith classes.

vitd_854x480The Old Republic boasts a narrative straight from the brilliant and creative writing minds of Bioware, who you may be familiar with from their work on the popular Dragon Age and Mass Effect games.

With the new expansion for The Old Republic titled Knights of the Eternal Throne coming in early December, it should come as no surprise that some balancing to the classes would be done preemptively to make way for new and balanced content.

Several long-time players have taken to the forums to express their opinions of the class changes, as well as how they’ve influenced the meta of PVP.

A few players have stated that they’re interested in waiting until the 5.0 patch for the game to resume playing consistent PVP.

A lot of players are likely very jarred by the shift in meta, and are looking to adapt to the ever-changing flow of this Star Wars themed MMO experience.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be having its newest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne in just mere weeks as it launches on December 2nd.


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