It’s a dark and cloudy night. You’re taking a walk to clear your head from all your earthly worries. All of a sudden, you hear a loud thunderclap in the distance. Naturally, you go to see what it is. Turns out it’s a mysterious,¬†organic artifact that suddenly transports you across the universe. Well, at least your earthly worries are gone.


Obduction is an adventure puzzle game where your cozy existence ends once you get transported to an alien landscape. But, something is definitely not right, as you find a stereotypical Kansas farmhouse, a white picket fence, and a ghost town, and those do not belong on an alien planet, or do they? What’s even more strange is a¬†kluged kiosk that welcomes you to Hunrath, which is the name of the place you’re at now.


You will explore the beautiful and strange world of Obduction, revealing secrets along the way. Immerse yourself in this extraterrestrial and otherworldly beauty, let it charm you as you explore the obscure landscapes and find out more about the world you’re now experiencing. Just keep in mind that all your choices have consequences that will affect everything around you.


Definitely a game you should pick up if you’re into exploration and puzzle games with quirky settings.

You can get the game on Steam!


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