VR, or Virtual Reality, is for many a key step in the technological evolution process. Through VR, we can see things, explore things, and even do things in a way that feels so immersive that it’s like we’re really there. Numerous companies are diving into the technology and seeing what can be done with it. Now, at the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA is going to show off just a few of the ways that leaders in the industry are going to be using VR to enhance their products or give fans/players all-new experiences.

Fans can expect a keynote address from NVIDIA Distinguished Research Scientist Morgan McGuire, who will take the stage to inform those interested in the current state of the VR industry. Given the boom in VR use, it’ll be interesting to see what he says. Following that, a series of men and women from various fields and technologies will talk about how they use both AR (augmented reality) and VR in their professions.

Some of the key sessions that NVIDIA highlight though were Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, who use various technologies to optimize designs for various vehicles before they even go into production. This is something that would’ve been impossible in decades past.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

They also mentioned McLaren Automotive, and how they’ll talk about their AR app that they’ve built that lets people see and experience how their cars are made via designs.

Or how about NASA? Yep, they use VR as a part of their space training program by using the technology to create realistic environments for astronaut training programs.

But of course, what’s VR without video games? Ubisoft will also be at GTC, and will be going in-depth about their VR titles, like “Eagle Flight,” “Werewolves Within,” and “Star Trek: Bridge Crew.”

The conference will take place May 8th-11th, at the San Jose Convention Center in California.


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