NRG Esports was able to hang onto their title as the best Smite team in the world, for at least another year. Defeating Obey Alliance in a 3-1 contest yesterday, the team secures their dominance in the burgeoning MOBA’s professional competitive scene.

NRG Esports in Smite

It was the same players under a different name that took home Thor’s Hammer last year, at the 2016 Smite World Championships. Known then as Epsilon Esports, the team is made up of Dimi, Adapting, Yammyn, emilitoo, and iRaffer. The group has stuck together through a number of transitions, playing as Panthera, then Epsilon, then Panthera again very briefly before finding a home with NRG Esports.

The team in 2016, after being “NRGized,” via Twitter

In 2016, they were able to defeat Enemy, an American team that subsequently floundered in 2016, landing a disappointing sixth place in the NA Fall season. This year, their title as World Champions was challenged by Obey Alliance. While they were able to steal one game away in the contest, the players of NRG were able to exert their dominance and maintain their title.

It might seem all too familiar to Obey Alliance, as the team also came in second place to NRG Esports in the EU Regional Championship this past November. Known more for its Smash Bros. players, Obey Alliance was only formed this past September, with Variety, CaptainTwig, PrettyPriMe, Ataraxia, and PANDALIKE.

With the win, not only does NRG Esports remain at the top of the Smite competitive scene, but they take home the lion’s share of the tournament’s US $1 million prize pool. The World Championship marks the end of 2016’s Smite professional season. Thankfully, many other esports, such as League of Legends, are just getting started.


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