1936128_0A few weeks ago the news about No Man’s Sky coming out from development shook the world and majority of gamers were more than happy with that.

It seems that good news doesn’t stop on that. Recently we found out that No Man’s Sky won’t require PlayStation Plus for online gameplay.

Even though the game is made to have a multiplayer option, due to the games vast content this might become a single player game. It seems that players won’t meet each other too often. Yes, the game is that big!


Luckily, the game looks awesome ( at least the parts we saw so far) and we will definitely have a blast. Furthermore, there will be an online option, and the only requirement to do that will be to connect to the internet.


Your progress will be saved and recorded into the universal atlas. The atlas is something similar to a database that will collect and register hundreds of scores and accomplishments from various players. This data will be nicely spread into designated leaderboards. With this option, players will be able to track their scores and scores from their friends. This will definitely make us want to play even more, and surely players will compete among each other.

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