In action games, you’d think that offense would be more important than defense. However, if you go charging into a very powerful enemy and they can kill you in one or two hits if you’re not properly defended, you’re going to rethink that notion. This goes especially for hack-n-slash games like Nioh, where how you armor yourself is just as important as how you attack your opponents. As such, some Nioh players got together on Reddit and outlined some armor sets for those who have different styles of play.

This was headed up by user Yamishimaru, who gave quite an expansive list of armors that you should probably use, and then detailed why.

For example, the Tataneshi armor is good for those who prefer a very strong defense, as this armor gives that and more. Plus, if you make heavy (or heavier in this case), it’ll add more damage to your strikes. Plus, you can use any weapon with the armor.


The Warrior of the West is a bit trickier, but as Yamishimaru notes, it can be great if you mix it with other sets of armor. And since it uses a bow, it’s perfect for Kingo.

For those who prefer a sword in your hand, you apparently can’t go wrong with the Master Swordsman armor set. Using Dual Swords with this set will make you really strong. Plus, you get the Sign of the Cross skill, which can be extremely useful.

Or, if you like a more “risky” endeavor, try the Fanatic armor set. To be clear, you need to be under 30% HP for this armor to be good. But once you are? You’ll have the fastest attacks in the game. But…if you get hit…you’re dead.

What armor do you like to use in Nioh? Do you recommend certain sets to certain players? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I was using mostly warrior of the west mostly but recently changed to red demon armour light I need that ki I’m. More of evasion look for opening strike kinda player and I love parry in use manly one one sword raki I think it’s called or the other one it’s water based warrior of West matching I think I’m am level 90 something now have to check I love this game so much feel like such a bad ass samurai


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