The operating system for a console is very important, because if it doesn’t work properly, or has odd glitches, it can affect the whole system. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there have been a few such errors that players have noted. But Nintendo has been working hard to deliver some fixes, and now they have released OS 2.2.0, which should update automatically depending on how you have your system settings. Either way, Nintendo states that the improvements revolve around “general stability” in an attempt to enhance the users experience.

Though that’s all Nintendo says about the update, some Reddit users have already downloaded and tried out the system patch. While they agree that not every problem has been fixed, some have, and they’re grateful.

“Before, whenever the system was docked, it would show it was connected to my WiFi but would actually never be actually able to connect to the internet (it was fine undocked). Just docked it again after the update and it finally connects to the net while docked,” rejoices player devil2sin.

Others show praise for the patch and talk about the other issues that have been fixed. But, as stated above, not everything was updated in the new OS patch:

“No fix yet for the weird behavior where it randomly sends HDMI data while it is asleep, causing some TVs to automatically change source to the Switch, interrupting whatever you were watching…” notes player blaaguuu.

Indeed, many people are suffering from this odd issue, and hope that Nintendo will fix it soon. For some players though, they would like better Patch Notes from Nintendo. The actual explanation for this patch was just one sentence long, and players would like to see more so that they know exactly what to expect from the patch.

How has the new Nintendo Switch OS patch treated you? Let us know in the comments below.


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