Time flies, and so it would seem, this generation of consoles is coming to a weird halt. Sony and Microsoft announced new iterations of their current consoles. The PlayStation 4 Pro, and the Xbox One’s “Project Scorpio” which has yet to receive an official name. Nintendo was the only one of the three titans to announce a new console, in the form of Nintendo Switch. This means that the Wii U, which was unanimously considered by large to be a commercial failure, will be ceasing production.

switch-presentationYet still, even a bit more surprising, is the early cease to production. Despite the Nintendo Switch not launching until March, production of the Wii U is set to end this very Friday. This makes sense, as the console made up only 2% of hardware in the UK during October.

Some would argue that this is the quickest Nintendo’s ever tried to put out a console. Their strategy is a little bit strange, but it makes sense. The Nintendo 3DS has been selling itself for years now. The thing prints money. It would only make sense that the portable aspect of the console is what Nintendo is choosing to grasp for dear life.

That being said, it appears we will now be bidding a solemn farewell to one of gaming’s companions. To the Wii U, it’s been an okay run! For their next console, let’s hope they make a switch (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Update: Nintendo has dispelled the rumors around the cease in production. Wii U production is still scheduled to continue.

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