NieR: Automata
Image: Wccftech

There’s always going to be a difference between PC and console gaming, especially when it comes to the bugs in the game. For what bugs players may get on consoles might not happen on PC, or vice versa. The players of the action RPG NieR: Automata are voicing some of the issues they’re experiencing on PC right now, and seeing if other players are facing their same problems.

NieR: AutomataThe PC issues thread was started by Reddit user darkmikolai, who noted quite a few issues himself as to the problems he’s had with NieR: Automata. For example, he experiences “strange interactions” with any PC monitor that uses HDMI. He’s apparently tested the game with many monitors, and every time an HDMI cable was used, the resolution for the game would be under what the screen could provide. Yet, when the game was put into Full-Screen mode, the resolution scales up beyond the screen.

On the gameplay side, the mouse cursor apparently flashes in and out as gameplay is going on. This can be very straining on one’s attention span, especially since most games either give you a new version of the mouse cursor to use or make sure it’s not visible at all so it doesn’t distract from gameplay.

The game also has numerous bugs that cause the screen to freeze. This includes an issue where the screen will freeze on a loading screen at 99%.

Other players weighed in with their bugs and issues as well. All of these players are holding out hope for a future update or patch that will fix these issues so NieR: Automata can be played with no fear of bugs hindering the experience.


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