Despite already being released, the PC version of Bethesda’s and Arkane Studios Prey is on Steam as a beta as well as a full release. The team has recently released a new update for the beta branch.  V0.5 fixes many issues that players have noted playing the beta. Here are the highlights of what was fixed.

A major fix was an issue that caused saved data to be corrupted and unusable. Adding to the fix, any corrupted data you still have will be returned to its uncorrupted form. Another saving issue regarding players with names containing special characters not being able to save their game and PC settings have also been fixed.

During the Power Plant reboot, hacking will no longer cause the reboot to fail, allowing you to progress with less hassle. They also fixed instances of the player character getting stuck randomly. Furthermore, the enemy characters known as Nightmares will now always search for players once they have spawned in an area. We recommend looking out for them.

They’ve also done fixes to their GLOO system so that you can’t “break and bypass collision,” which was causing a lot of visual errors within the game. Those who were using recycling to create an infinite amount of materials will be mad because that glitch has also been fixed. Sorry.

On top of all that, they have also updated the audio, fixed combat freezing against Phantoms, object indicators no longer disappearing during use, among other things.

It goes without saying that Bethesda wants Prey to be a successful franchise. After getting the rights to make the game, they’ve promoted it heavily to try and get interest. These fixes, along with other moves, are their hope of showing they care as much about this game as their other franchises.


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